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If you are looking for an expert artist, with a diverse set of skills to help you with your next Illustrated or Animated project, you've come to the right place!
I truly believe our imaginations are our only limit and that there are many endless creative possibilities still yet to be uncovered!


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Emma Hay has always been a passionate storyteller her whole life. As the eldest of three sisters, Emma often told whimsical bedtime stories exploring the secret worlds of the small creatures living in the garden.


During high school, she participated in every possible creative endeavor offered by the school's curriculum, including script writing, acting, photography, painting, filmmaking and much more! This love for telling stories through multiple mediums led her to earn a degree in Animation and to later work in children’s animated and gaming media for several years.


Through her eventual creative work within her own small freelance business, Little Boat Media, Emma stumbled across the wonderful world of children's book illustrations and instantly fell in love with working in the book world. She has now had exciting opportunity to work on 10 beautiful children's books as the illustrator, with the awesome Aussie Indie Publisher, Platyime Books. One of these publications, 'The Three Little Dewdrops', was excitingly her first adventure as both the Author and Illustrator on the same title. 

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